Spike (Protein) Injury Recovery Program

This 6-month transformational program uses functional medicine, Ayurveda, HBOT, and the latest research about spike protein.

Ancient Medicine

Reverse Chronic Disease

Customized Treatments

Who is it for?

  1. Long haul COVID patients
  2. COVID vaccine injury patients

SIRP Focus

SIRP is specifically designed for individuals dealing with long-haul COVID and COVID vaccine injury patients. This healing program can help you reverse the spike protein triggered symptoms you are experiencing and potentially achieve freedom from harmful medications.

Enroll today or schedule a discovery call to learn more about our program and see if we are a good fit for you.

Who is it for?

Our SIRP Program Includes:


Having treated patients with chronic physical and mental health conditions and also helping patients with long-haul COVID, Dr Aruna is using these same principles to treat a novel problem.

How It Works

SIRP is a 6-month comprehensive healthcare program. It includes a customized wellness plan, recommended supplements, including spike protein supplements, Ayurvedic detoxification program, individualized support, and regular check-ins with Dr. Aruna and team.



To enroll in our SIRP program, click here to pay an initial deposit of $5,500 to work with Dr. Aruna or $3,500 to work with NP Nichole.

The remaining $1,500 will be charged later for recommended supplements ($1,650 worth of supplements at a 10% discount).



Within one business day, a team member will contact you with next steps. Please complete the intake forms mindfully and in a timely manner. This information provides deep insights to our doctors about how best to help you.

We will develop a comprehensive health plan based on your health goals, including a customized diet and lifestyle change plan.


Get Started

You now have a comprehensive health plan based on your evaluation, plus a customized diet and lifestyle change plan. So let’s dive in to get you whole, healthy, and joyful!

We will discuss an option for expanded functional medicine, blood, and urine testing if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Aruna practices a ‘direct pay’ model where in a patient pays the physician directly for the services received. Bills for service can be provided upon request and patients can submit the bills to their insurance company for reimbursement. Dr Tummala (or Trinergy Health) is not in contract with any insurance company; and she does not submit bills to any insurance company and she does not guarantee any insurance reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company for your benefit information.

This ‘Direct pay’ model is gaining traction all over the country especially in the Primary Care setting. Current health care system in the US, which is heavily controlled by the insurance industry; is not sustainable due to high costs, poor quality of care delivery, and increasing burn out for physicians. Hence many physicians are opting to have a simpler model which allows them to practice medicine in a way that is empowering for both patients and physicians.

We do recommend certain labs after the initial consultation, and other labs periodically. Patients are encouraged to go to their primary care physician for most of these labs. However, certain special lab tests (eg: testing for genetic polymorphisms) are available only through specialty labs at this time, who also follow a ‘Direct pay’ model. The cost for diagnostic tests vary depending on the fee schedule of the specific laboratories utilized and the tests ordered. Patients will be informed of these costs before any tests are ordered. Trinergy Health makes no profit or commission from these tests. In most cases, payment to these labs must be made directly by the patient to the lab, at the time of sample submission. For patients without insurance or with a high deductible insurance unwilling to submit to their insurance company (and looking to save on the expense), Dr Tummala recommends getting their routine labs done at Dr Tummala has found that this lab is reliable, efficient and charges much less than what other local hospitals are charging for routine labs. This lab also operates using a ‘Direct Pay’ model.

Aruna Tummala can’t be your doctor if you live outside of WI, but she can offer education and health coaching to give you tools and resources to consider. For example, more information about a diagnosis, evidence for various treatments, and resources to consider in the state where you live.

For Wisconsin residents, we can offer discounted rates on lab work and genetic testing.

It depends greatly on your unique situation, symptoms severity and how long since the onset of these symptoms. In gereral, we can usually start to see results within one month or less, and more siginificant changes by the 4-6 week mark.
We have designed programs that are hugely beneficial and affordable for the value they bring to you! For pricing, please schedule a discovery call with either Dr. Aruna or with Erika.
Dr Tummala has developed a unique, root-cause method to treat mental health problems with tremendous benefit to her patients. She uses a broad scope of intervention, including diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, nutritional supplements, Ayurvedic herbs, HBOT, psychotherapy, functional medicine and careful use of psychiatric medicines.


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